Hola Hoop Dance Workout by Jessica Ann [25 minute version]
Hola Hoop Dance Workout by Jessica Ann [25 minute version] TheLivelyChurch Haltingen 3,293 Ansichten • 4 Jahre zurück

⁣Hello Everyone!!! I'm Maik and I made a 25 minute version of Jessica Ann's video and it is for all of you who are tired of doing the same old workout routines. My wife Grace loves this video so much and it is an inspiration for her! Jessica Ann, Thank you sooo much for this inspiring video.

Hula Fitness is one of Jessica Ann's favorite workouts because it's challenging in the sense that if you slack your hula hoop will drop, so you have to give your best and keep the momentum going in order to keep your hula hoop up and running. It's fun and keeps your heart pumping, your abs engaged and your legs and booty screaming for more.

This is a video showing you some different techniques to enhance your workout game. All you need is a hula hoop and a positive attitude. This is not advanced hula in any way but it is still challenging. Jessica Ann's hula hoop is Golds Gym brand and is 2.5 lbs (heavier than your standard hula) but you can use whatever works best for you.

Jessica Ann was wanting a challenge so this hula works perfect for Jessica. Make sure you stretch before you workout, warm-up your body, play some fun music, and hula for as long as you want!!! Thanks for being part of Jessica's fitness journey!! Have a Happy Huladay!!!!!! Love Jessica Ann

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